Our heart can be summed up in four simple statements:




TO REFLECT Jesus Christ

Doctor Andrew and Anne Wright are the Australian founding directors of Yotkom Uganda.  They have drawn a significant sense of life direction, motivation, meaning and purpose from their understanding and experience of the Christian faith, with a particular focus on the person and work of Jesus and what it means to be His disciple in the world.

The Bible, the guidebook for the Christian community, is full of teachings which challenge its readers to live out their faith by being involved in areas of social action and by responding to injustice and the needs of neighbours in the global community.

In 2001, Andrew and Anne found themselves being drawn or "called" to a medical mission in the developing world, specifically in the Kitgum District of Northern Uganda. Their first visit to the region was life changing and moving as they were confronted by a hurting community ravaged by 15 years of civil war.  They were shocked and saddened when they witnessed firsthand the reality of war atrocities, high levels of infectious disease and the impact of HIV/AIDs on children and families. There was also a stark scarcity of trained medical staff to respond to this burden of suffering in sub Saharan Africa. 

And so began the journey of responding and exploring ways to meet the needs of the Acholi people of Northern Uganda. Over several years, strong trusting relationships were forged and built with health professionals and leaders in the community. In Australia others came alongside to help. Andrew and Ann discovered the power of working in a community to achieve a vision.

In 2008 an Australian/Ugandan partnership was formalised through the creation of Yotkom as a company limited by guarantee in Uganda. Yotkom became registered as a non government organisation with the primary purpose of improving access and excellence in primary healthcare to the community of Northern Uganda. 

After initially working with other health facilities, funds were raised in Australia to build the independantly administered Yotkom Medical Centre which opened in October 2015. Andrew and Anne were both awarded an Order of Australia by the Australian Government in 2017 for "significant service to international relations and to the health and wellbeing of the Acholi people of Northern Uganda"


Key people have come alongside to join the Yotkom Australian charity providing wisdom, encouragement and practical help.  

Andrew and Anne's home church is Gateway Baptist Church in Brisbane.  Gateway has been so generous to the vision and to Andrew and Anne as a couple, providing a place where they have received strength to persevere and not be discouraged by challenges and difficulties.

Medical professionals and practices in Australia have also been supportive, along with friends, family and many generous donors.

For all this spirit of working together Yotkom is so thankful!  It is true that every person can make a difference especially when working together with others of like mind.

As Christians we believe in the power of prayer to bring change and Yotkom has been blessed with people willing to pray for us, our team and our work.  As a result we have witnessed some amazing breakthroughs.  

Those involved with the life and growth of Yotkom over many years can confidently join together to make this declaration:

"with God all things are possible!" 
Matthew 19:26

"He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us." 
Ephesians 3:20