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Yotkom Palliative Care Project

The need in Uganda is great


Only 11% of those who need pain control and palliative care access it in Uganda.

Palliative care services are being offered in only 4.8% of the public hospitals in the country.


Our goal

Help Yotkom do more to alleviate suffering and pain in our community, especially those with cancer and terminal illnesses.

Help people in Northern Uganda to die with dignity

Support the families of the dying.


What we have now

A trained medical officer, Joan, who has completed a 12 month course in Palliative Care.

Approval by the Palliative Care Association of Uganda to be a focal centre and have access to all necessary drugs.

An existing team of doctors, nurses and allied health workers willing to assist.

A 50 bed hospital facility with pharmacy, diagnostic imaging and operating theatres.

A Yotkom vehicle and driver

An Ambulance


What we can do with your help

Form a palliative care team


Start a regular palliative care outreach, visiting rural communities and helping those with advanced disease to access pain relief and other palliative care services.


Improve access to oral morphine and other necessary drugs for managing terminal illness and cancer in the home.


Employ someone dedicated to supportive counselling of the dying and those bereaved.


Create an environment which will support relatives with necessary services after their loved ones die.


Set aside hospital beds dedicated to provide inpatient care to people in end stage disease.

Create a dedicated palliative care ward with trained staff


Upskill and educate our team of health workers on pain management and palliative care

and become known as a centre of excellence for Palliative Care in Northern Uganda.


Funding is being sought for a 2 year pilot project

Donations will be used in the following way:

Salaries for:  Palliative Care Medical Officer.    Counsellor/ Social worker.   Palliative Care Nurse

Transport costs


Drug subsidies

2 beds in the hospital

Bereavement and funeral services

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