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YOTKOM ​is an ACHOLI word  meaning "HEALTH"


"Partnering together to improve access and excellence in the provision of wholistic healthcare to Northern Uganda"

Building relationships, resources and self reliance.

As a team, we seek to live by our Yotkom values of faith, love, respect, truth and excellence in our relationship with each other, our patients, and the Acholi community. 


Relationships characterised by love, honesty and respect are our primary focus as we partner together to reach our vision and reach out to meet the needs of our community. We seek to be people who take time to listen and understand, especially when we come together from diverse cultural backgrounds. We encourage all our team members to prioritise the building of strong relationships in the context of our understanding of each person being a spiritual, emotional and physical whole.


We are in the process of building for our project the capital and human resources necessary to provide all that is needed for a medical project to effectively provide excellent and accessible services to the rural community of Northern Uganda. Donors and partners can help us through the provision of funds for items such as land, buildings or medical diagnostic equipment. Alternatively, regular giving to supplement our wages bill for the more highly trained Ugandan professional team who provide oversight and governance of the diverse range of health work being undertaken at Yotkom. 

Self Reliance

Self reliance implies a desire for our Ugandan leaders and professionals to drive and lead the project, and for overseas partners to equip and assist them. The Australian leadership is focussed on walking alongside to listen, encourage, share ideas, empower and build capacity. Yotkom seeks to maintain self reliance in local income generation, pushing toward long term sustainability. For this reason we believe in an affordable fee for service model where local people share some of the cost of health services. Our long term goal is to reduce dependancy on overseas donor financial and professional input. We strive to manage our local finances well and only undertake activities we can support to a large degree ourselves in country. We aim to continue to achieve at least 75% financial self reliance locally in Uganda.

Our Logo

the People: joining hands in Partnership: creating unity despite diversity (Uganda and Australia Link hands)

the trees: (acacia and eucalypt) Growing and flourishing together, providing a place of life, shade, healing and refreshment

the cross: Christian faith as our hope and motivation 

the stethoscope: modern medicine bringing better diagnosis and treatment to all

the colours: green, yellow, ochre and brown: Australian bush and the earthy environment of Northern Uganda

" The Yotkom difference "

FAITH based

Guided by Christian values of Compassion, Truth, Respect and Excellence

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