Get Involved

Ways you can support us financially

1) Contribute towards specific Medical Equipment 


Examples of current needs include:


Neonatal Resuscitation Trolleys for 2 Labour Wards and Operating Theatre ($5,000 AUD)

Ambulance ($80,000 AUD)

Guest House ($150,000 AUD)​​

Laboratory Equipment: An Incubator to allow us to undertake culture and sensitivity to more accurately target treatment of bacterial infections ($5,000 AUD)

Operating theatre bed for our dedicated Women's Theatre ($15,000)

2) Give regularly to our Compassion Fund

Our Compassion Fund which is specifically designated to provide free life changing therapy to the most disadvantaged in the community.

There are many situations where families cannot afford the cost of medical treatment or transportation to other health centres. Our compassionate fund allows us to meet some significant health needs for the very poor in a timely, urgent manor.

Most recently, we were able to subsidise Heart Surgery undertaken in Uganda for a child with Congenital Heart Disease (Fallots Tetralogy), a series of surgeries to treat an infant with a Congenital obstructed Bowel (Hirschprungs Disease), and provide burns dressings and skin grafts for children with disability and epilepsy. 



3) Help Employ Staff such as an African Doctor

At Yotkom, we are focusing on long term self reliance, however in order to provide the highest quality health care and supervision, and a potential training facility, it is necessary to provide the appropriate salaries. A physicians salary is up to 6 times higher than a primary health care worker and this is a drain on our resources but necessary for maintenance of better standards. Your regular gift targeted to this need will help us lift our standards.


4) Sponsor an Educational Scholarship  

Yotkom continues to support a number of locally gifted Ugandan people through the provision of educational scholarships.

Currently we have a need to train an anaesthetic professional who would be bonded to work at Yotkom following completion of their training. This course runs over 2 years and will help us in training a successful applicant with the skills in providing anaesthetics required for our surgical procedures. There is a shortage of anaesthetic personnel in Uganda and recruitment is very challenging, particularly in rural regions like Uganda.