Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The team at Yotkom Medical Centre will see our first patients on October 12 th 2015

It is so exciting to anticipate the opening of our medical centre in less than a week !
This Saturday, Two days before we open our doors , our medical and support staff team of 20 will gather together for a full day of orientation, building relationships and sharing the vision and values of the Yotkom leadership.
Landscaping and planting of our garden have commenced.
Solar System with over twenty panels and an intelligent inverter along with generator back up are ensuring a reliable energy source.
This means we can set up a computer network to allow clinicians to document patient consultations and also access up to date on line medical information on drugs and the latest therapeutic approaches to common conditions,

Our X-ray technician, Julius , has successfully set up the machine and taken good quality film.
8 solar batteries safely locked away within the building 

The main computer server station in the administrators office.
Access to quickbooks online for account keeping and sales receipts .

Clinical officers are proudly setting up their work space with desk chairs , examination couch and easy access to sinks for hand washing. Effective LED lighting will provide good night time consulting spaces.

The new pharmacy , dispensary had been fitted out with cupboards and shelves remodelled from our previous premises.

Thankyou to all who have helped us come to this point.
Your ongoing assistance will make it possible to stock our pharmacy with drugs and our emergency room with dressings and instruments for wound repair , fracture treatment and surgery.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Helping to train medical workers for South Sudan

Yotkom medical centre in Kitgum is going to be a centre of excellence  where Clinical officers undertaking their medical training can be posted for supervision.
In March 2016  the first group of students in their third year of studies will come to work alongside our experienced doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and  x Ray technicians in the new Yotkom medical facility.
They will have an opportunity to learn best practices and get invaluable experience to help them provide good care to the communities of South Sudan.
This week, the head of the training school,  paediatrician Dr Aniel Cherian came to visit , meeting our team and inspecting the nearly completed medical centre,

We are excited about having a role in education and being able to influence these future young  Doctors who will treat patients in Uganda and Sudan.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Considering the future of health provision in Kitgum

Part of the vision of Yotkom Uganda is to assist gifted and promising young students from this community to gain the education and experience they require to be high quality health professionals of the future.

This young man, Fred , is in senior school and has expressed an interest in future medical studies. Our Ugandan Yotkom doctors , Richard and Peter have agreed to mentor him and monitor his progress with a view to possible future sponsorship.
It is so important that we invest in the future medical work force for this community where the population is growing rapidly and the needs are great.
If you would like to help and equip people like Fred please donate to our Yotkom Uganda project.

Evaluating pain management protocols

Dr Ben Warlow is a young Australian Doctor who has a desire to help the poor in Northern Uganda.
In his own words, he has a white skin, but a black Acholi heart.
He feels a strong connection to the community here.
Three years ago he came to Kitgum Uganda and the relationships and friendships he formed here have left a lasting impression and a desire to return.
Ben is working to collect information on the use of pain relief in resource poor settings, particularly for procedures like fracture reductions, burns and wound dressings.

He has made connections with health workers in Yotkom, the Bregma clinic, Givernment Hospital and St Joseph's  Hospital. He is observing procedures and noting effectiveness and side effects of various approaches as well as considering cost issues.

At the end of his four weeks here, he will be making recommendations to Yotkom for implementing best practices in our new medical centre due to open in October.
We trust these  clinical guidelines will assist our doctors and nurses to provide appropriate pain relief for the patients attending our clinic.
Thanks Ben for your sacrifice and commitment to be here.
You have earnt your local nickname of "Oteka" : The great one !
And you are also a friend. (Omera) to many !

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Finishing touches to Yotkom medical centre

Synthetic fascia and guttering to avoid the rust problem
Smoothing off defects in the walk plaster ready for painting 
Wall tiles selected for wet areas 
Floor tiles in toilets 
Sinks in each room will encourage hygiene and hand washing 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Moving on at rapid speed

We are making very good progress. The building is full of busy bees working in plastering, plumbing, electrical and metalwork. 

Digging a deep hole to absorb lightning shocks  transmitted from conductors on the roof. There are a lot if electrical storms here on the equator 

It's a big task cooking for a bunch of hungry building contractors 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Providing employment to local businesses

The unemployment rate in northern Uganda is over 50%
Our medical construction has a spin off benefit to the local Kitgum community by providing employment to many local businesses.
Our windows and doors are being fabricated in a local workshop by an energetic team who are taking pride in their work