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Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Friday, August 31, 2018

Pat and Maree Holdsworth at YOTKOM MEDICAL CENTRE

We are thankful for Pat and Maree who are  spending.  four weeks at the Yotkom Medical Centre.

In Australia they are key board members within our Yotkom organisation and over many years have had a lot of experience working in Africa and especially in Northern Uganda.
During these next few weeks , they will be seeking to encourage and mentor our Ugandan team and to monitor and observe areas where we can improve our quality of health care provision to the community.
Here is part of a recent email they sent back to us in Australia:
Building progress at Maternal and Child Health facility:

We caught up with the Ugandan builder, Patrick this morning. The plastering of walls is completed they are still working on the cornices. Chipping of the floors in the first room has started in preparation for final floor surface to be laid. Outside near generator the retaining wall / stormwater drainage is finished and plastering the brick wall along fence line will be completed tomorrow. Along building wall Amos , the plumber , is laying waste pipes and when this is completed painting of the generator building will be done. The next week they will start digging the water tank hole and prepping for the stand.

The Yotkom Compassion fund was used this week following the guide lines set out. Two children arrived at Yotkom referral from Government hospital as their X-ray facility is still out. The children a young boy aged 6 and his sister aged about 10 had walked 25 miles with just enough money to cover consultation and x-ray but not for treatment. Dr Robert and Patrick thought he had a dislocated elbow and had a great deal of pain. Dr Robert and Patrick  agreed he could not go that distance back home without treatment. We had a meeting with Peter Omara and came to the decision that it was appropriate to access the fund for the well being of the boy. They were also given money for safe transport home

Dr James , our Orthopaedic Clinician , was very pleased to receive a  drill from Australia.
Dentist Godfrey was very excited and thankful to receive the equipment sent from Australia He quickly put into service 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Registration with Australian Charities and Non for Profits Commission

Yotkom Uganda Ltd

is a Company registered in Australia with the purposes of pursuing the vision of improving access and excellence in Primary Health Care in Northern Uganda.
Our Australian Business Number is :  36 622 357 331
We are registered with the Australian Charities and Non for Profits Commission.


We are listed as as Public Benevolent Institution.
Details regarding our work and annual reports and financial statements can be viewed on this web site.

The Australian Taxation Office has recently granted Yotkom DGR status.
That means we are a :    Deductible Gift Recipient
As such, we can issue tax deductible receipts to Australian donors .

If you give to our work in Uganda, this can be done by making a direct deposit to our Australian Bank Account.
Please also email us to notify us of your gift so we can provide you with prompt provision of a tax deductible receipt by return email or by post if you provide your address.
If you are a regular donor, just give your name on the direct deposit form and we will know your address to send receipts to .

Our bank details :

Commonwealth Bank
Account name: Yotkom Uganda
BSB: 064 186
Account number : 10884542

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Maternal and Child Health Facility taking shape

It is so exciting to be here and see our new Maternal and Child Health facility rising up  from the ground.

This new building is 3 times larger than our existing primary health care facility and it is truly amazing to see this dream become a reality!
The new building is made of two halves connected by a breezeway .
One half provides a birthing facility for women and babies with two labour wards and a dedicated theatre for Caesarian section. This section also houses some admission areas for women and a newborn baby ward, as well as areas for women to attend pregnancy checks and receive health education.
The second half of the structure has several admission wards along with teaching facilities and an administration zone.

This second stage of Yotkom Medical Centre  is bring constructed through generous donations from Gateway Baptist Church in Australia and many  other donors who continue to help us achieve our vision to improve access and excellence in Primary Health Care in Northern Uganda.

Can we ask you to consider donating to our work.
We need continuing donor support, particularly as we seek to employ more senior medical staff to supervise the bigger facility.  We know our wages bill will increase.
We need to strive for excellent medical standards and this can only be achieved by recruiting more senior Ugandan medical professionals full time.
One of our key goals at Yotkom is self reliance , and we are pleased to report that our Yotkom primary health care facility , currently employing 32 staff, is right now  largely operating as a self reliant clinic due to the strategy of local income generation we have in place .
The bigger facility will put some financial strain on us initially but as it grows we believe we will also come close to self reliance.   In the meantime ,during this growth phase, we will be so appreciative of the giving  we receive from Australia to help us lift off!
thank you for  supporting us !

Pastoral care visit

Pastor Jason Elsmore from Gateway Baptist Church in Brisbane Australia  spent some days at Yotkom . He was accompanied by a small team , including Nick Paton, who was able to make an audiovisual record of the work being undertaken in our project.

This will be used to report back most especially to the Gateway community who support us in so many ways .
The fulfilment of the vision we have to respond to injustice, poverty and sickness in Northern Uganda  would not be possible without  the constant presence of this  very special outwardly -looking church community in Australia.
While he was here, Jason gave us some inspirational messages and encouraged us to have love at the centre of our relationships within the team and as a distinctive way in which we respond to  our patients.

Young blood

Dr Jonathan Tey was embraced by our medical team of nurses and doctors and provided inspiration to them by modelling good medical practice in the daily activities at Yotkom and through formal teaching at Continuing Medical Education forums
He is mentoring a young man, Denis who is undertaking medical studies at nearby Gulu University . Denis has been bonded to work at Yotkom at the completion of his studies as part of our human resource planning for the future.

Chelsea Edwards has background in medical research and was able to introduce a new pathology test kit to our laboratory for Leischmaniasis. 
She also developed close relationships with our administrators, theatre nurse and medical record department.

We really benefit from these visits and our partnership with Australia

Building up Dental Services at Yotkom

In April, Dr John Yared has been spending time with two of our key Ugandan dental workers, Godfrey and Annette.
John brings a wealth of experience from working in Australia and also in Africa .
He has been able to work alongside our dental team, sharing knowledge and skills and helping establish good clinical guidelines for treating common dental problems.
He also kindly donated some dental equipment from Australia including a mobile dental unit which will assist us to conduct rural outreaches.
We hope this very valuable mentoring relationship will continue into the future.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

April 2018

April 2018 is going to be a busy time at Yotkom Medical Centre

It all starts on Easter Sunday, April 1 , when four people will be leaving Brisbane to travel to Kitgum:

Andrew Wright : Doctor and Yotkom Director

Jonathan Tey; Doctor

 Jonathan is going to get alongside our doctors and nurses and learn about tropical health as well as be involved in teaching on various topics, modelling good history taking and examination to our clinicians and teaching them about computer based records and on line learning resources.

Chelsea Edwards: Researcher :

Chelsea has a background in research into various tropical diseases like Malaria and Leischmaniasis . She is interested to learn more about medical missions and is going to look at ways of helping us with research and also introduce some new test kits for a disease which is often missed in Uganda. 

John Yared: Dentist

John Yared will be working with Godfrey our Yotkom dentist and his assistant Annette
It will be time of building relationships and focussing on  teaching and mentoring 
It is also important that we establish good Dental guidelines and practices in the clinic and John will be a great help in this process

        We are so thankful to these people who are giving up their time and investing their resources into the community of Northern Uganda
Yotkom is a partnership between Australia and Uganda  to improve access and excellence in Primary health care to Northern Uganda.
We are striving to achieve our mission by building  relationships, resources and self reliance.